About the Biochemistry Department

The Department provides tuition for students studying Biochemistry as a subject for the Bachelor of Science, the Honours Bachelor of Science and for research degrees (MSc, PhD). As part of the Division of Health Sciences it contributes to the professional school courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Medical Laboratory Sciences, as well as the degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Research in the Department is described fully on the research and individual staff members' pages.

The Department has an active and productive postgraduate programme. In an average year there are about 40 PhD, 10 second year MSc and 20 fourth year (final year BSc(Hons)) students. The present establishment of the Department provides for 25 teaching academic staff, 21 Technical staff and 4 secretaries, and there are a large number of grant-funded research staff (currently these include 26 Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows and Professorial Research Fellows, 7 Postdoctoral Fellows and 11 Assistant Research Fellows and 16 technicians).

The Department is housed in a well-equipped four-level building of approximately 5,400 sq metres. It is well-equipped for research, and houses the Otago Genomics Facility, The Centre for Protein Research, and a new X-Ray Crystallography suite.