Biochemistry Papers - official descriptions

These pages contain course outlines and official paper descriptions of the papers offered by the Department of Biochemistry.

  • BIOC 192: Foundations of Biochemistry
  • An introduction to the structure and function of proteins as essential elements of life processes; principles of enzymology; introductory bioenergetics; conservation of the energy of food for body processes; digestion and catabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates; terminal pathways of oxidation, anaerobic and aerobic metabolism, mitochondrial metabolism; energy storage and utilisation; the molecular basis of disease; illustrative topics in metabolism. More details »
  • BIOC 221: Molecular Biology
  • From gene to protein. How genetic information is stored and determines biological function. Principles and applications of genetic engineering. Impact of molecular biology on health, agriculture and New Zealand society. More details »
  • BIOC 222: Proteins and Biotechnology
  • Proteins are drivers of all life processes. The diversity of protein structure and function, and how the shape of proteins determines their function. How biotechnology solves medical and industrial problems. More details »
  • BIOC 360: Research Perspectives in Biochemistry
  • BIOC 360 emphasizes how members of the scientific community read, think and write. The course includes practical advice and exercises in presenting scientific material. Lectures and discussions cover three areas: how we formulate scientific ideas, how we communicate scientific ideas and examples of how research is conducted in the Biochemistry Department. More details »
  • BIOC 400-Level
  • The course consists of two main parts, a theoretical component which aims to extend the students' knowledge of selected areas from the whole field of biochemistry, and a research component, which introduces them to the practice of the science of biochemistry. The research component involves the student undertaking a research project under the direct supervision of a teaching staff member. More details »