Pathways to a BSc in Biochemistry - Beyond BIOC192

This page contains information that is relevant to all students planning a Biochemistry major, and also to those who may be interested in adding a Biochemistry minor to another degree. It shows how a degree can be structured in order to accommodate a number of different fields of interest.

Biochemistry aims to explain the structure and function of all living things at the molecular level, and so is important as a foundation for many fields of endeavour.

Pathways of study for a Biochemistry major

In addition to the Major Subject Requirements for Biochemistry, your course can include other papers related to your main interests.

This information provides suggestions only, as there are many different ways of tailoring the basic structure of a BSc degree in Biochemistry to individual interests.

An image showing the compulsory papers and extra points required for a BSc in Bi

The structure of a Biochemistry BSc

Biochemistry papers can complement your skills and knowledge when majoring in another subject