Main interest of study: Biochemical basis of disease

This plan is for a BSc in Biochemistry that addresses the basic molecular processes underlying human disease states. 

A degree in biochemistry with this area of interest would prepare you for a career in: research into human health, public health, the pharmaceutical industry, health and science policy and various health related commerce and marketing careers.


BIOC 192
CELS 191
CHEM 191
and at least one of BIOL 112; HUBS 191, 192


BIOC 221
BIOC 222
BIOC 223
Consider including ANAT, GENE, PHSL, PATH papers,


BIOC 351
BIOC 352
BIOC 353 
BIOC 360 (new paper in 2014)
Consider including ANAT, GENE, PHSL papers,