Main interest of study: Structural molecular biology

This plan is for a BSc in Biochemistry that emphasises investigation of the structure, function and interactions of proteins and other biological macromolecules.

A degree in biochemistry with this emphasis will be particularly appropriate preparation for a career in natural products production or biotechnology, in biochemical analysis and research, or in drug target evaluation and drug lead optimization in the pharmaceutical industry. You will become familiar with the design and production of novel proteins, gain skill in protein purification and identification and study the analysis of both protein structure and function. These skills underpin much of biochemistry and reinforce quantitative analysis, making this degree emphasis an excellent basis for continuing in science, as well as more diverse careers, including patent law, management consultancy, journalism and public policy.


BIOC 192
CELS 191
CHEM 191
and at least one of BIOL 112, 113; HUBS 191, 192
MATH 160 and PHSI 131, 132 or 191 are recommended


BIOC 221
BIOC 222
BIOC 223
GENE 221 is strongly recommended
CHEM 205 is recommended
Consider including MICR 221 or PHAL 211


BIOC 351
BIOC 352
BIOC 353
BIOC 360 (new paper in 2014)
Consider including  CHEM 305, MICR 336 or PLBI 301