Regulatory Genomics and Bioinformatics

Research into gene expression in viruses and cells - bioinformatics and cell biology

Brown Research Group

Group in 2015

Gareth Gillard (Research Assistant,  moved to Norway for PhD 2015-) (not in photo)

Sam Taylor-Wardell (MSc Student, Genetics)

Ellie Tobati (PhD Student, with Kurt Krause) (not in photo)

Brad Croft (MSc student, Genetics)

Scout Liu (MSc Student, Genetics)

Rachael Ashby (MSc Student, Biochemistry)

Chun Shen Lim (PhD student, Biochemistry)

Prof Graham Wood (Visiting Prof). Statistician at AgResearch, Invermay 2015 - (not in photo)

Thomas Nicholson (Summer Student) (not in photo)

Ana Baltazar (Summer Student)

Dr David Chyou (Research Assistant)

2014 Completions-

Tubo Shi (Summer Student), Viktor Polack (Summer Intern)

Stewart Stevens (PhD candidate, Biochemistry-completed)

Gareth Gillard (MSc student, Biochemistry-completed)

Ambarish Biswas (PhD candidate, Biochemistry- completed)

Andrew Sarman (MSc student, Genetics-completed)

Recent Alumni - where did they go?

Dr Stewart Stevens (PhD Student- graduated 2014)  Otago Medical School, Wellington

Dr Ambarish Biswas, (PhD Student- graduated 2014) Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Microbiology and Immunology, Dunedin  

Dr Atheer Matround (Visiting Scientist 2014) Professor and Head of Department, Computer Science, American University, Kurdistan (2016).

Dr Dan Garama (Post Doctoral Research Fellow to 2013) now Post-Doctoral Fellow at Monash University, Melbourne (2016)

Dr Xiaowei Sylvia Chen (Research Fellow 2010-2012), Research Fellow at the Max Planck in the Netherlands (2013-2015) Biotech Industry (2016)

Dr Robert Pollock (PhD Student- graduated 2010)

Dr Augustine Chen (PhD Student- graduated 2006, then Research Fellow) Research Fellow Cancer Genetics, University of Otago.

Dr Andrew Firth (Post Doctoral Research Fellow 2005-2006) Research Scientist, Virology, Cambridge, UK (2016).

Dr Olliver Rackham (PhD Student- graduated 2004) Research Professor, Perth (2016)

Dr Mark Schreiber (PhD Student- graduated 2002) Director Information Architecture, Merck, Cambridge, Mass (2016).

Bernice Chapman (PhD Student- graduated 2002) ADI Instruments, Dunedin.

Dr Amonida Zadissa (PhD Student- graduated 2007) ENSEMBL Bioinformatician, Cambridge, UK (2016)

Jonathon Mangum  (MSc, 2000, Deputy Director, MRU for facial disorders, Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne.

Chris Szeto (400-level student, 2005) ... PhD UC Santa Cruz 2013 ... Bioinformatics Scientist at NantOmics (2016)

Bianca Schmitt (400-level student), PhD Cambridge 2015, Cancer Research UK (2016)

Connie Hung (400-level student), PhD Cambridge 2005, ... Associate Medical Director Cenzyme Sanofi (2016)

(this list is likely incomplete and possibly out of date, email me of errors or omissions)