Professor Kurt Krause

Director of the Webster Centre for Infectious Diseases
  • Biochemistry Department
  • School of Biomedical Sciences
  • University of Otago
  • P.O. Box 56
  • 710 Cumberland St
  • Dunedin 9054 , New Zealand
  • Tel.: 64 3 479-5166
  • Fax: 64 3 479-7866
Krause Lab Website

Research Interests:

Structural biology of infectious diseases, structure-aided drug design, protein crystallography, x-ray diffraction, structure and function of enzymes and proteins including antibiotic targets, redox proteins, nucleases, luciferase, and bacterial pathogenesis factors.

The Webster Centre for Infectious Diseases


  • Ashley Campbell
  • 2014, Otago School of Medical Sciences Postgraduate Symposium Poster prize, 1st place
  • Ashley Campbell
  • 2014, NZ Structural Biology Meeting Poster Prize
  • Max Wilkinson
  • 2014, Rutherford PhD Scholarship
  • Max Wilkinson
  • 2014, Prince of Wales Prize

Selected Publications

Saeed Sharif, Yoshio Nakatani, Lyn Wise, Michael Corbett, Nicola C Real, Gabriella S Stuart, Zabeen Lateef, Kurt Krause, Andrew A Mercer, and Stephen B Fleming., A Broad-Spectrum Chemokine-Binding Protein of Bovine Papular Stomatitis Virus Inhibits Neutrophil and Monocyte Infiltration in Inflammatory and Wound Models of Mouse Skin., PLoS ONE 2016 vol. 11 (12) p. e0168007., Link »

Max E Wilkinson, Yoshio Nakatani, Raymond H J Staals, Sebastian N Kieper, Helen K Opel-Reading, Rebecca E McKenzie, Peter C. Fineran, and Kurt L Krause., Structural plasticity and in vivo activity of Cas1 from the type I-F CRISPR-Cas system., Biochem J 2016 vol. 473 (8) pp. 1063-1072., Link »

Sinothai Poen, Yoshio Nakatani, Helen K Opel-Reading, Mortiz Lassé, Renwick C J Dobson, and Kurt L Krause., Exploring the Structure of Glutamate Racemase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a Template for Anti-mycobacterial Drug Discovery., Biochem J 2016., Link »

Stephen J Sowerby, John A Crump, Maree C Johnstone, Kurt L Krause, and Philip C Hill., Smartphone Microscopy of Parasite Eggs Accumulated into a Single Field of View., Am J Trop Med Hyg 2015, Link »

Miriam L Sharpe, Peter K Dearden, Gregory Gimenez, and Kurt L Krause., Comparative RNA seq analysis of the New Zealand glowworm Arachnocampa luminous reveals bioluminescence-related genes., BMC Genomics 2015 vol. 16 (1) p. 825, Link »

Rafael M Couñago, Karen M Knapp, Yoshio Nakatani, Stephen B Fleming, Michael Corbett, Lyn M Wise, Andrew A Mercer, and Kurt L Krause., Structures of Orf Virus Chemokine Binding Protein in Complex with Host Chemokines Reveal Clues to Broad Binding Specificity., Structure 2015., Link »

Yang Li, Roman Mortuza, Daniel L Milligan, Sieu L Tran, Ulrich Strych, Gregory M Cook, and Kurt L Krause, Investigation on the essentiality of Glutamate Racemase in Mycobacterium smegmatis., Journal of Bacteriology 2014, Link »

Emily Davis, Emma Scaletti-Hutchinson, Helen Opel-Reading, Yoshio Nakatani, and Kurt L Krause, The structure of alanine racemase from Acinetobacter baumannii., Acta crystallographica Section F, Structural biology communications 2014 vol. 70 (Pt 9) pp. 1199-1205, Link »

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K G Anthony, U Strych, K R Yeung, C S Shoen, O Perez, K L Krause, M H Cynamon, P A Aristoff, and R A Koski, New classes of alanine racemase inhibitors identified by high-throughput screening show antimicrobial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, PLoS ONE 2011 vol. 6 (5), Link »

Rafael M Couñago, Milya Davlieva, Ulrich Strych, Ryan E Hill, and Kurt L Krause (2009) Biochemical and structural characterization of alanine racemase from Bacillus anthracis (Ames), BMC Structural Biology 2009, 9(53) (20 August 2009)

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