Wilbanks Laboratory

Protein Maturation and Structure

Wilbanks Laboratory

Our lab employs a variety of biophysical techniques to study protein conformational changes and enzyme mechanisms.  We have a primary interest in the structure and function of molecular chaperones, the cell’s main defense against stress-induced protein misfolding and aggregation.  In recent years our research has expanded to include investigation of splicing mechanisms for protein inteins, cytochrome c, cysteine dioxygenase, and Psb27, a component of photosystem II.

Of note

In July, Antonia Seidel married Gio, her high school sweetheart, in Germany.  Congratulations and best wishes to bride and groom!
Also in July, Matthias Fellner won the student speaker prize at the Oxygen Theme Meeting in Christchurch  for a talk based on his recently published new assay for thiol dioxygenases. With Bronwyn's assistance, Matthias's paper also featured on the cover of Analytical Biochemistry.
Antonia recently had her lactoperoxidase paper accepted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, while Casey Davies published work on kinetics of oxygen transfer in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
In other publishing news, Malcolm Rutledge and Aimée Gommans are waiting to see if the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry will commit to their crystal structures of inhibitor:MIF complexes, reported in a manuscript written with Joel Tyndall and  Mark Hampton, as well as Nina DIckerhof, erstwhile student of this department.
In August, Egor Tshesnokov presented his research in a masterful seminar in the Department of Chemistry. We look forward to a return appearance in the Department of Biochemistry in late September.

Last uptdated August 2014