University of Otago Research Themes

The University provides formal recognition and support for outstanding research activity, through the designation of Research Centres and Research Themes. The criteria for recognition are that they be research areas:

  • in which the University enjoys national leadership and international recognition for excellence;
  • in which the University is likely to remain a major contributor in the next several years;
  • which might involve active research groups or individuals from more than one Department, School or Division;
  • which have a demonstrated ability to attract significant additional funding from outside the University.
Many technologies are available on campus

Genome to proteome studies rely on some sophisticated technology that can be applied to the study of any tissue or organism. The equipment we have on campus includes a gene microarray facility, laser capture microscope, LC-mass spectrometer and X-ray diffraction equipment. Underpinning the operations is the use of advanced methods in computational biology (bioinformatics).

A number of proven investigators are embracing these new technologies with the common goal of understanding or manipulating gene expression. In addition to using common methodologies, members of this theme share a similar intellectual approach to the analysis of genes and proteins, irrespective of the great diversity of organisms under study.

Further information: Warren Tate

Research themes and centres to which our staff contribute

Areas of Research Strength